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Cost of Exhibiting

20/02/2019 04:02

Indoor Raw Space

min. 30 sq.m

Cost: USD 285 / sq.m

Package Stand

min. 9 sq.m

Cost: USD 2,700 / Stand

Partitions, Fascia with Exhibitor’s name, 01 information counter, 02 folding chairs, 02 Fluorescent lights, Single phase socket 5A-220V, 01 paper disposed basket, Carpeted floor


Upgraded Standard booth
Items to upgrade standard stalls (in addition to those already in the standard package 9m2): 01 Round table, 02 standard chairs, 01 Advertising banner (1000W x 3000H), 01 Poster on information counter (580H x 970W), 01 Spotlight

Space + Premium Package

Cost: pls contact us

Advertisement in the Official Catalogue of the event

Inside front cover: USD 1000

Outside back cover: USD 900

Inside back cover: USD 900
Inside full page: USD 500
* Note: Size of Advertising page: 150mm (W) x 210mm (H)